A bit of linguistic history:

In the warm, azure-blue waters of the Caribbean in 1659, the French colony of Saint-Domingue began to form the Creole language which, though predominantly French, is a melding of multiple languages. Creole is a very analytical language, producing the word “vijilan,” which means to be alert, watchful, vigilant. This term embodies the focus and drive of Vijilan Security: to constantly watch for threats that can put client data and their business at risk.

Vijilan’s 24×7 security services can have a positive impact on your profitability and customer retention. Vijilan’s superior IT security services are designed to reduce risk and enhance your client’s ability to achieve regulatory compliance. Because our expertise is based on years of threat intelligence and is sold exclusively through the channel, you can rely on a long-term, trusted relationship with Vijilan Security.


Welcome To Vijilan

Vijilan Security enables Managed Security Providers (MSPs) to sell cost-effective 24/7 security services to their clients. The company maintains a 100% channel sales model, meaning its services are sold exclusively through managed security and service providers.

Many government and industry compliance requirements (and security best practices) outline the need for 24/7 monitoring, log collection, management and storage in order to protect data.

This is only effective when the right technology is paired with highly qualified experts who are hard at work detecting and preventing malicious attacks.

An implementation of this kind could take months, significant capital outlay and require a dramatic increase in skilled staff working around the clock. But Vijilan can help by enabling an MSP to immediately deploy these services to their customers and take advantage of our fully-staffed Security Operations Center (SOC). This means superior protection with no capital outlay, resource commitments and no additions to headcount.

The company was formed by a team of security experts who have spent over 15 years analyzing cyber threats, enhancing detection technology and building correlation rules. Today, the company is monitoring millions of events every hour from thousands of devices located in the United States and around the world.


We intend to deliver world-class security services exclusively through the partner channel, enabling IT Solution Providers and MSPs to deliver 24/7 cyber threat monitoring and detection without the capital requirements of a Security Operation Center infrastructure and resources.


To build a sustainable, profitable and technologically superior business by enabling partners to deliver security services to their small to mid-sized customer base. We strive to maximize partner profits by minimizing their infrastructure and resource costs while expanding their security services and threat intelligence capabilities.

Keys to Success

We believe in these guiding principles:

  1. To employ the right technology and processes
  2. To apply automated threat detection and assessment in a timely fashion
  3. To deliver robust security monitoring solutions to meet a partner’s needs
  4. To employ highly skilled professionals and experts
  5. To continuously improve our technology and expertise

Corporate Values

At Vijilan Security we strive for success to meet our goals and objectives and those of our partners. But we don’t lose sight of our core values which are the foundation of how we do business. It’s what makes us successful!

Customer Focus

Meeting or exceeding our customer expectations and always putting our customers first

Social Responsibility

Growing our business in ways that benefit the environment and giving back to our communities. Learn More!


Working together to achieve goals, supporting each other in accomplishing our vision and celebrating and respecting the diversity that makes us stronger


Respecting ourselves and others, choosing our actions based upon our values and not our personal gain, and doing the right thing, morally and ethically