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Cyber threat monitoring services for small to medium size business
Vijilan Aurora SOAR
It’s for this majority of organizations and IT providers, finding it challenging to keep up with security demands, that Vijilan has created the Security Orchestration, automation and Response (SOAR) Platform, Aurora. Using the power of SIEM technologies like Splunk and FortiSIEM unified event correlation and risk management capabilities, Aurora empowers SOC managers and cybersecurity providers by reducing response times and streamlining response procedures while improving their security posture.
Cyber threat monitoring services for medium to large size business
Our ThreatRespond offering is tailored to small and medium businesses (SMB) who need a Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC), and Incident Response Team (IRT) but don't want to bother with infrastructure costs, SIEM license fees, hiring security professionals and operating 24/7. This is the Total Security  Monitoring that every SMB needs. This will also help organizations who are regulated and need to comply with regulations and protect the ever-present danger of a cyber-attack. Vijilan will monitor and respond to any threats or suspicious behavior on the network through its Security Operations Center (SOC) and Incident Response Team (IRT) that operates around the clock.
Cyber threat monitoring services for small to medium size business
ThreatRespond Enterprise
Designed with larger Enterprises in mind, at Vijilan we are able to leverage an existing SIEM with our award-winning cloud-based Security Hub including our 24x7 SOC and IRT. We work with an MSP either of your choosing, or one that is already utilized, to monitor your entire network. If you currently do not have a SIEM, this is no problem as we can leverage one of your choosing in conjunction with your MSP.  We will assist in choosing the best possible SIEM platform if needed.
We provide a fully-managed service that covers the deployment, monitoring, developing of correlation rules, threat intelligence, responding to threats, triage, and forensics.

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