This is the Total Security Monitoring tailored to small and medium businesses who want a SIEM in order to comply with regulations and protect the ever-present danger of a cyber-attack. This is the perfect solution for those organizations who do not have a SIEM due to the cost of setting up and deploying one in-house.  Vijilan will deploy and implement its fully managed SIEM and SOC service in record time. Vijilan will monitor and respond to any threat or suspicious behavior on the network through its USA-based SOC and engage its own Incident Response Team (IRT) who operate around the clock.   
Complete SIEM infrastructure

Vijilan’s team is responsible for the availability, performance, and maintenance of the SIEM platform and the conception, development, and management of the advanced event correlation rules.

24/7 Security Operations Center
The Vijilan SOC team is responsible for the triage and investigation of all potential incidents detected by the SIEM platform.

Incident Response Team
The Vijilan Incident Response Team provides further analysis of the security incidents and assists you on the remediation activities.

Integration with Professional Services Automation (PSA)
Let your team interact with the Vijilan team using the same tool they use to communicate with your end-customers. Full integration with ConnectWise, Autotask (datto), and Kaseya.

Partner Portal - SOC Portal
All information related to your subscriptions and incidents in the same place.

Subscriber Portal
The best way to engage your end-customer in the incident response process. Through this portal, your end-customer can interact with you and our SOC.

A dashboard showing key operational and security indicators.

Compliance and Audit reports, Incident Report, and C-level and executive report. Execute them ad-hoc, or schedule them daily, weekly or monthly for each of your subscribers. 

Executive security summary report
The perfect tool to explain and illustrate important information security indicators related to the activities detected in the environment.

Data retention
All information associated with the tickets and alerts, like timestamps, authors, notes, status, resolutions, attachments and relevant raw logs are available for you any time for up to seven years. The storage of information can be used as evidence to be compliant with the most important information security standards.

Why Vijilan?

It’s very easy to partner with us. We are selling our services 100% through the MSP channel so we never compete with you. You can try our services for one month and cancel without any penalty. We charge per device and not per Events Per Second (EPS), whereas most vendors and service providers charge per EPS so the price fluctuates every month. We have full integration with most ticketing systems such as ConnectWise.  Our flagship service includes: Cloud based SIEM, IRT, and 24/7 SOC. And most importantly, the onboarding takes about an hour from start-to-finish. And that includes installing our virtual appliance, configuring the devices and engaging our SOC.


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