ThreatRespond Enterprise

ThreatRespond Enterprise is designed for larger organizations.  Most Managed Security Service Providers are finding it challenging to manage their customer's Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) such as Qradar, ArcSight, AlienVault, LogRythm, or FortiSIEM.  Vijilan security will not only co-manage it for you but also leverages its US-based SOC to respond to threats. Conversely, if you are thinking of purchasing a log management or SIEM solution for your customers, we can help you implement it and manage it.

24/7 Security Operation Center
The incidents detected by co-managed SIEM platform are triaged and investigated by our 24/7 Security Operation Center. When real threats are detected, our Incident Response Team (IRT) will engage either MSP and/or the Enterprise team are notified depending on the incident response process.
Incident Response Team
The Vijilan Incident Response Team provides further analysis of the security incidents and assists the MSP and/or Enterprise teams on the remediation activities.
Manage Service Provider
The ThreatRespond Enterprise is a service provided in conjunction with the MSP.
SIEM Platform Infrastructure
Vijilan and the MSP are responsible for the management of the SIEM infrastructure, which can be deployed in the corporate datacenter or in one cloud services provider.
SIEM Platform Management
Vijilan’s team is responsible for the administration of the SIEM platform. This includes the design, implementation, maintenance, and operations of the SIEM platform as well as the development of advanced event correlation rules and Threat Intelligence feeds.
Integration with Ticketing System
The ticketing system is used to track the incident response process from the detection until the resolution. The MSP or Enterprise can interact with the incident tickets using Vijilan's partner portal or MSP's ticketing system such as ConnectWise. 

Why Vijilan?

It’s very easy to partner with us. We are selling our services 100% through the MSP channel so we never compete with you. You can try our services for one month and cancel without any penalty. We charge per device and not per Events Per Second (EPS), whereas most vendors and service providers charge per EPS so the price fluctuates every month. We have full integration with most ticketing systems such as ConnectWise.  Our flagship service includes: Cloud based SIEM, IRT, and 24/7 SOC. And most importantly, the onboarding takes about an hour from start-to-finish. And that includes installing our virtual appliance, configuring the devices and engaging our SOC.


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